This Is The Greatest Offer I've Ever Made

But At This Price Point It Has To Be Limited

Introductory Offer




Offer expires when the countdown timer hits zero or we reach our sign up limit. 

About Product Promotions...

  • How are products selected?

    We will select products based on several criteria, but first and foremost the quality of the product and its ability to deliver value to the market.  We will share detailed knowledge about the product, the offer, and the promotion strategy with you each and every month as the offers are selected.


    If you have offers you would like us to consider, please write to, but be aware that we get a LOT of offers being pitched to us and we simply do not have the time to examine them all... but we will try.

  • When is the next promotion?

    The next promotion will take place the second week of June.  In the meantime, we will set up your infrastructure, and start getting you ready for the promo itself.

    We will be hosting several training sessions, and having lots of discussion in our private Slack workspace!

  • Are the offers mentioned in the video set in stone?

    No, the offers we mentioned in the video are the currently planned offers, but they are absolutely subject to change due to any potential given set of circumstances or market conditions.  Our goal is always to select quality offers that have the best potential to make you more money!


    If you want to be successful, you need to be able to pivot as needed, and that is one of the benefits we bring to Affiliate Triad members.  We do all the work and planning (and teaching) to pivot as needed.  We will always remain agile to ensure the offers we promote each month are properly timed given the state of the market, which can change quickly!

Kartra Special Reimbursement Offer

  • Is Kartra required and why do I need it?

    First of all, yes, you need to get a paid Kartra account (and we will reimburse you for it... see more below).


    The reason we need you to have it is because we need to have a common platform that we can use to provide you the infrastructure (funnels, pages, email sequences, etc, etc) for each promotion.  This will eliminate the tech headaches.


    We have been using Kartra for a few months ourselves and love it!  Over the coming weeks and months we will teach you how to use it for much more than just Affiliate Triad, too!  With Kartra you will probably be able to cancel all kinds of other services you probably pay for, such as page builders, hosting, email autoresponders, etc.


    In addition, we have also been developing cool add-on technologies for it and you will have access to as an Affiliate Triad member.  More on this in the coming weeks...

  • How does the Kartra reimbursement program work?

    In order to qualify for the Affiliate Triad Kartra reimbursement offer, you must:


    1. Sign up for Kartra using the Rapid Crush affiliate link (​);
    2. Remain an Affiliate Triad member in good standing throughout the reimbursement period (see below); and
    3. Remain a paid member of Kartra during the reimbursement period (see below).


    The reimbursement periods are January through June (first period), and July through December (second period).  Reimbursement requests for the first period must be submitted between July 1st and July 15th by sending a copy of your Kartra proof of payment to and payment will be sent to you between July 16th and July 31st following the receipt of appropriate tax forms.  Reimbursement requests for the second period must be submitted between January 1st and January 15th, using the same process.


    The reimbursement amount is limited to $99 per month per customer regardless of Kartra plan selected.

    Note: If you already have a paid Kartra account, please contact us for more specific instructions.

    Slack Workspace

    • How will Slack be used?

      If you have never used Slack, you will soon come to love it.  Think of it like Skype, but WAY better and move productive.


      We will use Slack to chat and share information with you.  Jason, Wil, and the entire Rapid Crush team will be on Slack alongside you!


      It's your best way to get a hold of us.

    • Rules and restrictions

      The rules are simple.  We rather not be too extensive with the rules, but we will add to and modify as needed at our sole discretion.


      First, be courteous and professional to everyone in the group (this includes our team).  Basically no negativity will be tolerated, period!


      Second, use your real name when you join.  We will check this and if you are using aliases you will be removed.  This is not a place where trolls will hide behind anonymity for nefarious purposes.  (see the first rule above)


      Third, keep it confidential.  Whatever we share with you on Slack (or any other part of Affiliate Triad) is for your eyes only.  We want to keep every possible the competitive advantage inside our group!


      Fourth, keep it relevant.  While we may love funny memes and pet pictures, this is not Facebook or Instagram... save those off-topic posts for other places.


      Fifth, be reasonable in your expectations of direct communication with us.  We are not going to sit on Slack 24/7 to answer your ever question.  We will focus on answering questions and discussion topics that will benefit the group as a while.  While we will communicate directly with you as needed, please do not expect this will be on-on-one coaching from us for your every question!  Simple put, do not abuse it.


      Sixth... NO SOLICITING of any kind.  This includes in group chats and/or direct messages.  This is NOT a place for any type of advertisement .


      Access to Slack is a bonus and a privilege, not a right!  We reserve the right to remove you at any time if you violate any of the above rules or do anything else we object to.

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