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My name is Jason Fladlien and I bet I get more done in 3 hours than you get done in a whole week.


I produce more income generating stuff in 30 days than the average marketer does in a whole year.


I've used these exact techniques to go from a small town Iowa boy painting houses for $12/hour to a cash multi-millionnaire before the age of 30.


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For Example I...

  • Generated $9,894,008 in a span of 8 days... by crushing the competition in one of the biggest launches in the internet marketing history

  • Did $117,036.04 in revenue the month that my daughter, Laney Elizabeth Fladlien, was born

  • Created 4 different products from scratch the month after, that I launched to the marketplace that made me an additional $30,000+ in revenue (And still counting!)

  • Wrote and published a book on Amazon in under 48 hours, and it reached #54 on the Amazon charts 4 days after it was published

  • Almost as a nobody, I used to often average over $850 an hour to write sales copy for marketers because I get it done so fast

  • Master complete new skills in under 5 days with these productivity secrets that you can start implementing today for just $39.95 (risk free)

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You bang out a quick sales letter because you know what to focus on now... Since you're a time management whiz.


You get on the call and sell nearly $20,000 worth of product.


Sounds too good to be true? I've done it more than once. Effortlessly! I can do it any time, on demand. Because I know productivity secrets that you simply don't know. Yet...

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A client posts on a forum saying they absolutely need to get a project done in 24 hours. They're willing to pay 3 times as much for the quick turnaround.


No one else can accomplish it. You can.


You step in and you make a couple of grand simply because you wished to. Just effortlessly attack it with your newfound productivity skills and it's done.


Big payday. Unexpected payday. Easy pay day. When you cash the check, the bank doesn't care. They still put it into your account.


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What Productivity Techniques

Will You Discover?

When you get your hands on my "Double Your Productivity For Life In Just 48 Hours", just immediately flip it open to the first chapter.


You'll read the chapter title, which says:

The Easiest Way To Become Instantly More Productive!

As you go through this first chapter, you'll discover:

  • How to reduce your most time consuming task to 1/4th of the time... So it only takes 25% as long to complete!

  • These Secrets Allowed Me To Create 32 Front End Products In 25 Days!

  • A simple, singular question to ask yourself about any task in order to perform it twice as fast with twice the quality (You'll be faster AND better!)

  • A nine letter word that will automatically allow you to achieve the same results as people who are masters in the 80/20 rule (You'll laugh as you do "accidentally" what took those poor bastards years to master!)

  • How a little known law from a 1955 article in The Economist allowed me to create 32 front end products in 25 days

  • Automatically eliminate mental hurdles and obstacles with this step by step secret routine (The routine is as simple as tying your shoes!)

  • How to utilize anger so you never leave a task unfinished ever again (This makes so much money it's insane)

  • If you do this 5 minutes form now, you'll notice an immediate surge in your productivity for the next 24 hours.

  • CASE STUDYhow I created a product in less than 2 hours that made $7,000 4 days later (I break down the whole productivity system with this example!)

  • And more!

Chapter 2:

The Real Scoop On Systems

You know how your heart beats automatically? And you blink your eyes and breathe without consciously thinking about it?


That's how you design your systems. So they become effortless, unconscious, and automatic... And as easy to perform as it is to breathe.


Sound hard? It's not if you know what to do. That's what you'll find out in this chapter.


You'll also discover...

  • Secrets for getting paid $1,000 an hour by using your new found productivity skills!

  • The most important system "part" which is the least utilized (90% of people who try to systematize their business skip this step completely... Result? Guaranteed failure!)

  • Case Study: My system for writing books in 48 hours that I publish on Amazon

  • Write without having to pause to think - works with writing products, sales copy, email copy, and everything else (You can master this in a few days!)

  • The first question you MUST ask yourself to guarantee you develop the "right" system (This 8 word question makes all the difference!)

  • How to make almost any habit you want to have your "default setting" in 7 days or less (Screw the traditional "it takes 17 days to create a habit" school of thought... you now have a better method!)

  • And more!

Chapter 3:

Focus & The State Of Flow

Here you'll discover how you can almost become "one with the task" so the hours fly by... With you getting more done than ever before... Without you even being aware of it!


Once you combine this technique with those from the previous chapters, you'll become unstoppable.


You'll also discover...

  • How to tap into the same "mindset" as world class athletes like Michael Phelps, who always seem to reach peak performance states when the pressure is on!

  • 2 Hours A Day Is All You Need To Build A Six Figure Business...

  • Why you only need 2 hours a day to create a low or mid level six figure business in less than 13 months from now!

  • CASE STUDY: how I start off almost every day so I get more done in the first 45 minutes of my day than most marketers (even 7 and 8 figure marketers) get done all day!

  • The only type of "breaks" you should take in your business. (This will help you get more done and have more fun doing it!)

  • Scientists say the average time to enter state of flow is 15 minutes - I can show you how to do it in 15 seconds!

  • And more!

Chapter 4:

Fewer Choices

Huge secret revealed here - to get more done, have fewer choices to make, with each being a good one. Then you can randomly pick what to do next and you'll succeed.


This chapter shows you how to actually do this!


Plus you'll find out...

  • In 7 minutes, find "the few but powerful" choices for any task or system (Your success rate and speed will improve 200%)

  • How I did over a million dollars in sales from scratch in less than 38 months.

  • Why information overload doesn't actually exist (I can handle millions of pieces of information in my mind effortlessly... and you'll be able to do as well once you do this)

  • How the "fewer choices" method can instantly grant you guru status (You'll be better at teaching and presenting information because you can communicate it to your audience more easily)

  • How a piece of straw can get you more than 2 hours of extra productivity time each day (Weird, but true!)

  • The 60 second rule refined (Improvements on this golden time management secret)

  • CASE STUDYhow I apply the "fewer choices" method to find and exploit hot niches in 5 minutes or less

  • Why intelligence is getting in the way of your productivity and action taking (And what you need to focus on instead)

  • And more!

Chapter 5:

To Do Lists Are Garbage

I don't use to-do lists. I use two other types of lists instead. 


Throw your to-do list away.


I guarantee it's slowing you down. Instead, notice an automatic improvement in your productivity and your satisfaction when you use my two special lists instead.


You'll also discover...

  • How to uncover hidden "patterns of productivity" (You're actually a productive machine but don't know it yet...)

  • Case Study - A Day In The Life Of Jason Fladlien From Start To Finish

  • The free "fancy" technology I use to keep track of all the tasks in my multi-million dollar a year business (You'll be shocked at what this powerful "fancy" technology can do!)

  • If your schedule is too complicated to _______________, you're absolutely not functioning at a high productivity level

  • Immunize yourself to the "fundamental attribution error" (Most people suffer from this single biggest productivity roadblock)

  • I walk you through a whole day from start to finish on how I got a boatload of stuff done that has made me an insane amount of money

  • How I schedule "just for fun tasks" that are as enjoyable as playing a video game, but still make me "vacation and mortgage" money (Have fun and get paid = awesome!)

  • And more!

Chapter 6:

Mind State Tricks

This is reserved only for the high level "Jedi Master" at time management.


Only use this stuff after you've installed "immediate productivity enhancement" techniques from the previous chapters.


What kind of stuff am I talking about? This...

  • Make the best decision 9 times out of 10 if you use this 12 second "mind location" technique

  • How I discovered President Barrack Obama's secret state of "confidence" which I now use in my own business (Say what you will about his politics, but love him for this...)

  • Case study of my "brain encoding" technique (Spy into the inside of my mind!)

  • The biggest secret I stole from Tony Robbins about peak productivity that was never published in any of his books, audio programs, DVDs, or even shared at his live seminars (Sneaky!)

  • What I discovered years ago while playing at a kid's sweet 16 party as a musician that has forever changed my life due to the massive productivity breakthroughs it unlocked

  • Brain encoding techniques (not for the faint of heart... reserved for those who want to be unreasonably productive)

  • And more!

Chapter 7 & 8:

Profit Hours & Your Study To Action Ratio

During profit hours you don't think - you just act.


But what are profit hours? Sadly not 1 in 10 knows. If they did, I guarantee they'd have a successful, thriving business.


Now's your chance to find out. You'll also uncover...

  • How to make any sales force (including your own) instantly more profitable

  • How I make money standing in line at the grocery store (No, I'm not talking about passive income streams)

  • This Will Make Anything You Ever Purchase Online 200% More Valuable!

  • Why the cliche "knowledge is power" is one of the dumbest things I've ever heard (In most cases, a certain type of "lack" of knowledge is better!)

  • Exactly how much of your time in business should be focused on education and study (and the magic number to produce dramatic growth almost overnight!)

  • And more!

Chapter 9:

Little Time Management Tweaks

We close out this training out with some simple stuff you can use that will give you small but noticeable bumps in productivity. 


You'll discover...

  • One tool no marketer should be without (And it has nothing to do with internet marketing!)

  • How to handle mail, phone, shopping, and more! 

  • Exactly How To Handle Email Once And For All!

  • How to use Gmail as your customer support hub (A huge time saver for anyone with customer support)

  • How to be an expert note-taker

  • And 17 other simple tips!

The Risk Involved...

A few minutes of your time!


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